Skagg City, USA is the fictional city, which is the home of our super-action hero CAPTAIN PUNISHMENT. In our imaginations, Skagg City is located along the Northeastern Seaboard. Skagg City is massive in size and is commonly referred to as the “quadruple-state-area”.

Skagg City is one of the most popular cities on the planet. Nearly every culture around the world is represented in Skagg City. Millions of people live throughout its endless boroughs and neighborhoods.

Skagg City is also home to it’s own version of touristy sites which mirror other famous attractions around the world. Skagg City has such popular spots like the Skagg City Strip, Skagg City Time Square, and THE GREAT WALL OF SKAGG CITY. 

Crime has a major stranglehold over Skagg City and it's residents. Most anybody who is anybody is a gangster or villain with their hands in the right political pockets. Since the disappearance of CAPTAIN PUNISHMENT crime has gotten worse. Rather they are gangs, organized crime, or degenerate super villains, Skagg City has them all.